Build a Blockchain from Scratch in Go

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★ Get ready for Web 3.0 and learn blockchain fundamentals.

What can you expect?

This eBook is not specific to any particular blockchain. Opposite. It contains various peer-to-peer, blockchain and cryptographical design patterns useful for any software developer who wants to expand his programming career and learn new concepts. Majority of the components are from Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain implementations.

I can't promise the blockchain way of programming will be easy, but this eBook will turn you into a blockchain developer, expand your career prospects, and open you up to a whole new community of amazing forward thinkers.

Chapter by chapter, you will build a full peer-to-peer, autonomous blockchain system in Go and learn all standard blockchain components!

1) You will build a peer-to-peer system from scratch

You will get access to a private Github repository where you will start with 0 lines of code and end-up with 13+ branches with complete executable source-code. [Full screen]

PS: Don't worry if anything on the screen makes sense yet, it will once you go chapter by chapter; release by release.

peer-to-peer blockchain system in action

2) You will secure the system with a day-to-day practical cryptography

No boring theory. Only modern practices. [Full screen]

elliptic curve cryptography

3) You will implement Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP backend components 

From diagrams of mining algorithms to actual, implemented and working crypto wallets for storing the mined tokens and all other fundamental components that make blockchain special. [Full screen]

decentralized consensus

4) You will write unit tests and integration tests for all core components

You will test your cryptographic functions, a Bitcoin's like Proof of Work mining algorithm and other key components. [Full screen]

Why should you learn blockchain?

★ Because you get to work on a cutting-edge technology while other 10 million developers are still applying for Java/PHP/JS legacy positions. 

Blockchain is changing industries, building communities and shifting the job market.

It's certainly not for everyone, but it could be for you if:

  • You're an early adopter and seek the next innovative techYou already know how to develop CRUD and REST API for a monolith.Relational databases are too stable, and honestly, a bit boring.Micro-services are a nightmare.Blockchain database has a unique peer-to-peer autonomous design. You learn Go, Cryptography, Event-Based Architecture, and other concepts required for Web 3.0 vision.

  • You want higher earnings, more autonomy + WFHBlockchain Development is the most emerging job position, with unparalleled 33x growth.
    High demand and few good developers, means you'll be able to set the price, and terms you're happy with.Remote blockchain developers can earn up to $200,000.

  • You want to believe in the work that you're doingWeb 3.0 core principles aim to reduce corruption in the world and improve transparency in all industries from shipping, manufacturing, trading, and others.Focus on data privacy. There is no reason your Instagram vacation picture, should be stored in a commercial database for sale to advertisers.Free speech censorship, a basic human right.

★ It's how you'll expand your programming career!

What's the best thing about this book?

This is a great product to get started with blockchain development because it contains theory, design diagrams as well as full source code.

It's like a heavy tutorial but written in an easy to read story with a lot of fun facts about the blockchain ecosystem and illustrations explaining all blockchain concepts component by component.

The new programming skills you will learn are also applicable to your current/next job. You will practice real-world Go programming.

You will understand blockchain technology itself. If you fall in love with the tech, you will have a choice to enroll in my individual coaching and further specialize in Ethereum application development.

  • Structured, organized content
  • To get you started quickly
  • With full Github source code
  • And easy to follow storyline
  • Enhanced with architecture diagrams
  • Support from Lukas (author) directly from the first chapter in a private Discord room
  • While having fun coding new exciting tech
  • Integrated into Lukas' coaching system with tailored next steps after you finish the book

Book Contents

  • Foreword
  • Why to Start with Blockchain Development?
  • Getting Started
  • 01 | The MVP Database
    User 1, Andrej
  • 02 | Mutating Global DB State
     Dead Party
     Bonus for BabaYaga
  • 03 | Monolithic Event vs Transaction
     Andrej Programming
  • 04 | Humans Are Greedy
     Typical business greediness
  • 05 | Why We Need Blockchain
     BabaYaga Seeks Justice
  • 06 | L’Hash de Immutable
     How to Program an Immutable Database?
     Immutability via Hash Functions
     Implementing the DB Content Hashing
  • 07 | The Blockchain Programming Model
     Improving Performance of an Immutable DB
     Batch + Hash + Linked List ⇒ Blocks
     Migrating from TX.db to BLOCKS.db
  • 08 | Transparent Database
     Flexible DB Directory
     Centralized Public HTTP API
     Deploying TBB Program to AWS
  • 09 | It Takes Two Nodes To Tango
     Distributing the DB to Customers
     Designing a Peer-to-Peer Sync Algorithm
  • 10 | Programming a Peer-to-Peer DB Sync Algorithm
     Each Block Has a Number
     Tell Me Your State
     Bootstrap Nodes and Peer List
     The Search for a Peer with New Blocks
     Give Me Your Blocks or Life!
     Trust but Verify
    Use libp2p networking stack
  • 11 | The Autonomous Database Brain
     The P2P Heaven: The Fastest to Rule Them All
     How does Bitcoin Mining Works?
     Programming Bitcoin Mining Algorithm
     Writing Tests for Proof of Work
     The Slow Elephant in the Bitcoin Room
     How are Bitcoins created?
     Programming Bitcoin Mining Reward in 5 Steps
     Blockchain Releases are Complicated
  • 12 | Madam/Sir Your Cryptographic Signature Please
     Hacking a User Balance
     Current State of Web Authentication
     Asymmetric Cryptography in Nutshell
     Programming a Cryptocurrency Wallet
     Blockchain Authentication with go-Ethereum Cryptography
     MySQL vs. Blockchain Authorization
     Madam/Sir, Sign this Database Change
     Programming Signed Transactions
     Digital Signature Replay Attack
  • 13 | Official TBB Training Ledger
    Create a new Account
    Connect your Node to the TBB Training Ledger
    Request 1000 TBB testing tokens
  • 14 | Bonus: Why a Transaction Costs Gas
    What’s Gas?
    How much is 1 Gas?
    Spamming the network
    Setting a "Gas Cost" and a "Gas Price"
    Where do the Gas fees go?
    Coding the Gas Fees
  • 15 | Bonus: Blockchain Forks - What, Why, How
    Why a fork happens
    How to Plan a Consensus Fork
    Implementing a Consensus Fork
    New TBB Specification
    Deploying the Fork
    Synchronize your node
  • 16 | Bonus: IPFS - the Decentralized Storage of Web3
    What is the IPFS?
    How to setup an IPFS node
    How to store and retrieve IPFS content using the CLI and HTTP
    What is CID – the IPFS content-based identifier
    How to reverse engineer the IPFS datastore
    How to connect an IPFS node to a decentralized network
    How to exchange data using the peer-to-peer Bitswap protocol
    How to persist content from the peer-to-peer network
  • 17 | Bonus: Merkle Trees in Go
    Data structure efficiency
    Root Hash + Leaves Diagram
    Merkle Proofs

+ more bonus chapters to be added in the upcoming months!

About the Author

Hi, I am Lukas Lukac. An ex-trivago Technical Lead, Blockchain Engineer at (the largest Ethereum API provider) and a Coach.

For the last 3 years, I've spent close to 10h a day developing blockchain software and educational resources; it's not enough.

For those seeking to learn the latest in innovative technology, wanting to be part of a small community of blockchain developers and enjoy all the professional perks that come with it – you should get started with this eBook.

Why to Purchase this Ebook?

Because it's universally and continually relevant. It contains coding patterns, principles, architectures from multiple blockchain networks.

The blockchain knowledge you will learn from this eBook will be applicable tomorrow, in a month, and in five years!

Buy it today and you will automatically receive also all the new bonus chapters still in the making AND get individual support from me on your blockchain journey.

Looking forward to be working with you.


Student A - wants to learn Go and Blockchain:

"This book helped me understand blockchain. I had no clue about how it worked or how to build one from scratch. Lukas makes it very easy from the very beginning, even for someone like me, a software engineer with no previous experience in Go."

Jose A. Navarrete

Student B - wants challenge:

Open the image in full-screen.

Student C - wants to learn distributed ledger fundamentals

"Back in the early days of bitcoin there was a great deal of explanation of what it as for, how it worked, great in depth detail of how it worked, and it was all a bit much. Landing me in the "what is the purpose of this?" camp. While I have dabbled in alt-coins over the years, my understanding of that basic question was still something I never really dug into. Recently I decided to try to understand it better, and my search lead me to The Blockchain Bar. The course material is great at walking through the theory of blockchain at an understandable level, with the added benefit of reading through code and running tests to help solidify the concepts."

Christopher Maahs

Student D - wants to program blockchain components

Learn Web3 now, expand your programming career, and get a high paid job.

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You will get:

Source Code
15+ releases
executable source code
Individual Support
via private Discord chat
34 questions to recapitulate all the new p2p design patterns, cryptography and blockchain components
Tailored Plan
next steps what to do after you finish the book to continue in the blockchain space
3 years
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Build a Blockchain from Scratch in Go

20 ratings
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